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About massage

We all love to be touched. And the touch of love is the best of a kind.

The ancient tradition of Tantra and knowledge of artistic and unique woman is the best possibility to experience the art of touch.

The pleasure I give will lead you to the point of no return.

About massage

Spending time with me will become one more marvelous experience into your collection of shiny moments of life.
Experience Bliss you never thought Possible!

Tantra in Helsinki with Nina Send an SMS to +358-40-3273334 to book an appointment.

About me

My name is Nina. I am 38 year old brunette.I'd love to open the World of Touch for you. We will travel together to the land of thousand sensations and share a moment where every gesture is imbued with sensuality. I prepare myself for every session 100% because the meeting will be as unique for me as it will be for you.

Tantra MassageTantra massage includes classic relaxing massage,
body to body massage, erotic massage and lingam massage.

The action of a full body massage helps to release physically tight muscles and improve circulation.

The mind is at the same time liberated and one often experiences dream-like feelings of relaxation. This helps to remove stress hormones, your body will create more harmony and balance within, and beautiful feelings of pleasure and peace arise! Duration is 60 minutes and price is only 150 €. You can also select 120 minutes, the price is only 300 €.

Soap Massage (Spa)

During the session you are covered all over the body with foam and water. I will massage you with the soap bubbles that are covering your body. Imagine the sweet aroma that one gets from soap and someone relaxing you and providing you a heavenly, sensual, erotic pleasure. A pure tantalizing experience isn't it? Duration is 60 minutes and price is 250 €. You can also select 120 minutes, the price is 400 €.

Nuru Massage (Spa)

Nuru massage or 'Body Slide' massage is a supremely sensual massage. It is smoothly mixed with Finnish traditions. I turn on the Sauna and give massage in the warm room.

The nuru massage gel is a clear, non-perfumed liquid with an extremely smooth & silky viscosity that's easy to wash off, leaving no noticeable residue on your skin or clothing. The Nuru massage gel is derived from a special type of seaweed and the name 'Nuru' originates from Japan, meaning slippery or smooth. It is this gel that forms the most essential part of any Nuru massage. The Nuru massage begins with a soap massage, which gives us extra sensation for applying Nuru gel on our bodies.

My Nuru massages are without doubt one of the ultimate body-to-body massage experiences you will find in Helsinki.

Duration is 90 minutes and price is 350 €.

Warning: risk to become addicted!!!


You can reserve an appointment on My cosy place located at central Helsinki by contacting me with the following information:

send a message to +358-40-3273334 via WhatsApp
send an e-mail to tantra.helsinki@gmail.com