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About massage

We all love to be touched. And the touch of love is the best of a kind.

The ancient tradition of Tantra and knowledge of artistic and unique woman is the best possibility to experience the art of touch.

Let me introduce you Tantric massage, or just Tantra, which is a glorious gate into the marvellous world of sensuality. Tantra is a sensual massage that gives you variety of pleasures.

You will find your way toward a wonderous reality. With Tantra you will find aliveness, happiness, higher states of consciousness, peacefulness and unconditional love.

We will take a journey of sensual pleasure to feel, realize, nurture, and integrate all aspects of your being - mind, body and spirit.

With simple and practical principles drawing from ancient wisdom, tantric massage will make its transformations into your being. The invitation then is to go even deeper, wider and higher.

What can tantric massage do for you?

Taking tantric massage can deliver to your natural state of being, your higher self and consciousness. Tantric massage will open up your energy channels and chakras, activating your living energy and your kundalini.

Tantric massage will strenghten your ability to manage stress, go beyound troubles and release pressure. You will find yourself in the flow of intimately connected to nature.

With divine consciousness and energy of the universe you will manifest the glory of touch.

What is tantra?

Tantra is ancient knowledge of liberation of consciousness by expanding and increasing sexual energy. In tantric system there are many methods to expand energy flows of sexuality.

However, tantra is much more than just a method. Tantric practising offers us a deep understanding of sensuality and its development.

Tantra is a depth psychology of inner transformation. Tantra as a therapy helps us to elevate the standards of sensuality.

For most people, these forces are beyond the consciousness. Due to tantric massage and all the sacred practices we can reach and develop our stay in the universe.

Tantra is a technology of liberation, a spiritual science for systematic approach beyond limitations.

A spiritual experience that opens us to the highest state of spiritual consiousness and inner bliss. It can even be considered as a universal pattern of energy and reality, being aware of them, how to be in tune with them.

Tantra embraces a totality with integration in everyday life. With tantric massage we can bring consciousness to every moment, allowing a deeper awareness.

Tantra is the most direct realization of sexual energy. Tantra is a vast subject. Kama Sutra is a part of Tantra. But it is actually a sex and love manual. Tantra is so much more than sexuality.

The first part has to be sex. The second part has to be love. The third part has to be a prayer and the fourth part has to be transcendence.

When it comes to Tantra, finding truth can be challenging. One needs to try it yourself to explore the truth.

What is tantric massage?

Tantric massage is one of the ways to express love for each other. Relax into the deep sensual touch and connect to your masculine essence.

It is a relaxing body-to-body massage, designed to help you feel utmost pleasure, awaken your energy and slowly dispering it into your entire body. Tantric massage for men includes lingam massage.

As a professional masseuse I will help you with stress and mental ailments by massaging and softening your body.

Tantric massage is based on oriental techniques that aim to help you find harmony through both relaxation and the excitement of senses. It is a true sensory experience aimed at reaching your deepest desires.

Abandon yourself at the mercy of your senses and experience the real pleasure and ecstacy while breaking down mental limits and moral constraints here, in my studio.

What to expect

Once you make a booking, I expect you to arrive on time. I will welcome you and then you will be asked to take a shower.

Then you will lay down naked on the bed and relax. During the massage, the focus will be on the conscious touch and observing all perceptions. You are invited to express yourself, especially if there is anything uncomfortable.

Tantra masseuse

About me

My name is Nina. I am 40 year old brunette. I'd love to open the World of Touch for you.

We will travel together to the land of thousand sensations and share a moment where every gesture is imbued with sensuality.

I prepare myself for every session 100% because the meeting will be as unique for me as it will be for you.

Tantra Massage

Tantra massage includes classic relaxing massage, body to body massage, erotic massage and lingam massage.

The action of a full body massage helps to release physically tight muscles and improve circulation.

The mind is at the same time liberated and one often experiences dream-like feelings of relaxation.

This helps to remove stress hormones, your body will create more harmony and balance within, and beautiful feelings of pleasure and peace arise!

Duration is 60 minutes at my place or at your hotel.


You can reserve an appointment at my cosy place located at east Helsinki by contacting me with the following information:

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